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Accelerate Your AI Search Applications with Searchium.ai

Maximize Performance, Minimize Infrastructure Costs

Boosting Vector Search Workloads with Cutting-Edge In-Memory
Compute Technology

Boosting Vector Search Workloads with Cutting-Edge In-Memory Compute Technology

At Searchium.ai, we provide a powerful SaaS platform designed to optimize machine learning applications and revolutionize the way search applications are built at scale. Our advanced technology allows you to harness the full potential of vector search workloads with unparalleled efficiency.

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Supercharge your search experience with our lightning-fast platform, achieving up to 10x faster search times and an unparalleled user experience


We understand the importance of accuracy in search applications. That’s why Searchium.ai enables you to scale seamlessly to a billion-vector dataset without compromising the precision and relevance of your search results. Delivering accuracy at scale has never been easier.


Integrating our platform into your existing infrastructure is a breeze. With ready-to-use plugins for popular systems like Opensearch and Elasticsearch, you can seamlessly integrate Searchium.ai into your workflow and experience the benefits immediately. Our easy integration ensures a hassle-free transition to enhanced search capabilities.

Use Case Example - deep1b (Yandex)

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~ 0 MS

per query for 1000 queries

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Recall@10 > 90%

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